Residential Projects

“The home should be the treasure chest of living – Le Corbusier”

Residential projects at Brick Architects are not viewed as mere design assignments but rather as a solemn obligation. We comprehend that clients approach us with immense faith and trust.

With this sense of duty, we accept projects and strive to have a meaningful impact on our clients’ lives by approaching them with care, thoughtfulness, and innovation. We feel a great sense of gratitude when clients trust us and we anticipate their willingness to grant us the necessary freedom to create a space that is distinctive in its design and efficient in its functionality.

We are very selective of the projects that we plan, as we understand that designing a residence is an intricate process and require a great deal of attention and detailing. We restrict ourselves in terms of the number of projects, to ensure that each project is developed with constant study, ample ideas, and design skills along with intense personal involvement in all parts of the design and construction. We nurture each project to create a beautiful home. Functionality, usability, context and concept of the design are the secrets of successful practice at DGA.

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We take great pride in showcasing our recent work, which includes exceptional projects in Commercial, Semi-Commercial, Hospital, and Residential sectors. Each project represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Some of our best sites and reels

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